NYC Hot Dog Countdown- Number 5 DOMINICK’s HOT DOG TRUCK, Queens

DOMINICK’s HOT DOG TRUCK Woodhaven Blvd. at 65th or 67th Aves. (Right next to St. John`s Cemetary), Rego Park Cash Only Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-5pm   No phone Get off the LIE and head to the Rockaways via Woodhaven Boulevard and, if you are a hot dog lover, you will see a very intriguing claim on aContinue reading “NYC Hot Dog Countdown- Number 5 DOMINICK’s HOT DOG TRUCK, Queens”

The Chinatown Chronicles- Volume One

I love Chinatown in NYC.  All three of them- Sunset Park in Brooklyn, Flushing in Queens and the original in downtown Manhattan. I hope this series provides you with some tips that will help you discover some true culinary treasures of your own in your Chinatown. My high school friends and I started coming intoContinue reading “The Chinatown Chronicles- Volume One”

The East Village That Remains

The East Village of my romantic youth when I moved to 7th Street in 1986- beat characters writing in tattered notebooks in sad cafés,  punk rockers jamming to reggae with Rastafarians in grungy Tompkins Square Park, worn out tenement buildings teaming with ethnic food smells, and true rebels on St Mark’s Place is nearly gone. All gone butContinue reading “The East Village That Remains”

Early Lessons from an Irish Kitchen

People often ask me how I fell in love with cooking. I followed my nose, with my heart and stomach not far behind. It was the magical late autumn of 1969. I’ve always been drawn to the heat of the kitchen.  It was where all the action was when Irish people got together to drinkContinue reading “Early Lessons from an Irish Kitchen”

So This is Your Ocean

While Grandma sparked my love of cooking, Grandpa Willie Duffy lead me to my another great passion- the ocean. I saw Brighton Beach for the first time on a gray early spring Saturday. Grandpa picked me up and we walked the few blocks to the subway through the waking neighborhood. The B train runs aboveContinue reading “So This is Your Ocean”

Hungry man.☘️ Tiny kitchen.🍽 Big city.🗽

Hi. My name is Jim Shaffer.  I’m  an Irish American, native New Yorker and creative home cook. I know my way around NYC and I have a sense of adventure that has lead me to nearly every neighborhood of the five boroughs and beyond in search of authentic delicacies and culinary delights. ErinGoScratch strives toContinue reading “Hungry man.☘️ Tiny kitchen.🍽 Big city.🗽”