NYC Hot Dog Countdown- Number 5 DOMINICK’s HOT DOG TRUCK, Queens


Woodhaven Blvd. at 65th or 67th Aves. (Right next to St. John`s Cemetary), Rego Park

Cash Only
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-5pm   No phone

Get off the LIE and head to the Rockaways via Woodhaven Boulevard and, if you are a hot dog lover, you will see a very intriguing claim on a blue food truck- “New York’s Best”.  You have got to stop and try it, right?


Since 1959, Angelina D’Angelo has been serving up an old school New York dogs on Woodhaven Blvd.  You have to be good to stick around that long in this competitive food landscape, right? Oh, yeah. No waterlogged dogs here. They are cooked in small batches and made with care. Nothing fancy, just great delivery on the promise of a classic NYC dog with fresh toppings prepared with that little bit of extra care and pride in doing it the right way.  So glad we stopped here. You should, too.


The Queens truck’s steamed, skinless Sabrett has great snap and a soft, meaty center. Steamed buns are fresh and airy. This largish dog cost $3.50 and it’s worth it; you can add their homemade spicy mustard and add their spicy onions or tangy, steamed, crisp sauerkraut. The chili is mild and tasty.  The service is pleasant and that makes it well worth the stop. The truck is quite clean and neat enough to stand out from the crowd. Superior dogs.

JKS June 2017

Published by eringoscratch

I am a big man, home cook in a tiny kitchen in NYC. I hook it and cook it, buy it and fry it, and will show you around NYC!

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