Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays

Triggerfish are a funny looking, fun to catch summer species in the New York/NJ bite. They usually swim up in the gulfstream as the waters warm and show up on the reefs in mid-July while party boats are targeting sea bass and porgies. The Ocean Eagle out of Sheepshead Bay is a great party boatContinue reading “Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays”

Recipe Contest- Seafood

Submit your favorite seafood recipe in the comments section below. Winners will be published in our upcoming e-book! Anything to do with regional seafood in the New York, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic and New England areas will be considered and fully credited. These recipes can be old style, Nouveau, fusion, Asian, Italian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, HaitianContinue reading “Recipe Contest- Seafood”

Sea Bright, NJ- The Ocean Close to the City

With the wild Atlantic on one side and the fast moving tidal Shrewsbury River on the other, Sea Bright, NJ is a thin ribbon of land that is very close to the water in every way. A regular full moon high tide will generally result in ankle deep flooding on many river side streets. ButContinue reading “Sea Bright, NJ- The Ocean Close to the City”

The Ghosts of Magic Beach- Excerpt 5

Chapter 5 New Blends of Evil A ripe moon sits low on Raritan Bay exposing every ripple and disturbance on the calm water. The occasional baitfish jumps, a larger predator snaps and there is the odd bird movement, but it is mostly silent. The traffic light at Broad and Front Streets turns from yellow toContinue reading “The Ghosts of Magic Beach- Excerpt 5”

The Ghosts of Magic Beach- Excerpt 4

Chapter Four “California Screaming” It is the beginning of a glorious Keyport spring evening. The sun descends over a glassy calm RaritanBay. Along the waterfront walk people stroll in the warm glow. A ragged daisy chain of fishing boats chugs along the channel in the direction of the marina. The harbor looks clean today, fishContinue reading “The Ghosts of Magic Beach- Excerpt 4”