A Most Bizarre Lunch at Felix


Felix is the kind of old school New York place that we need to survive. The unpretentious cuisine is very high quality and the casual atmosphere is inviting. It just feels good. I found myself here again this past Monday afternoon.

Many European ex-pats like this place and this afternoon I heard French, German and Italian being spoken. The food is always outstanding and time seems to slow from the fast New York pace outside the big windows.

Is this photo too “Photoshopable”?

Kelly had the refreshing La Salade de Crabe, Huile d’Olive et Citron (fresh crab meat salad, heart of palm, olive oil and lemon juice) and I had the delicious Agneau Roti, Salade Frisee & Amyonnaise au Curry (Sliced roasted lamb, frisee salad and curry mayonnaise on a crisp baguette). A lovely summer lunch it was.

In all the different accents, I overheard the guests discussing the latest Chris Christie video of him being a nacho-carrying tough guy at a ball game. This is the kind of all American buffoonery that the French adore. But that was just the appetizer.

“The number one reason for keeping you off the beaches is you catch too many doormat fluke…”

All of a sudden these voices began repeating the same name “Scaramucci”. Roaring laughs and passionate chuckles at the news coming over their phones of Scaramucci’s resignation.

Later, Kelly took a photo of me at the table with a long view of the room.  Then it got bizarre. C’est la vie!

All at once, this oasis away from politics got very crowded.
Then my old buddy Brando came by,
Marilyn too.

Feel free to use the pic and send your best photoshop/snapchat mashup and I will put them up on ErinGoScratch.com

*Photo magic courtesy of Kevin Shaffer.

JKS 8/2/17

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