Sea Bright, NJ- The Ocean Close to the City

With the wild Atlantic on one side and the fast moving tidal Shrewsbury River on the other, Sea Bright, NJ is a thin ribbon of land that is very close to the water in every way. A regular full moon high tide will generally result in ankle deep flooding on many river side streets. But on a warm summer day it glorious spot to reach the ocean close to the city.

With the Sandy Hook peninsula, the northernmost point of the Jersey Shore and federal Gateway Park (Most of Sandy Hook is currently owned and managed by the National Park Service as the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area) just up the road and the rest of the shore to the south, Sea Bright puts you in a great spot to enjoy much of what makes this a special place.



With fantastic fishing opportunities from both surf and river side on land and a great assortment of party boats and charters in Highlands, just across the bridge and Atlantic Highlands, about a ten minute drive, Sea Bright is a great place to fish.



Quality local seafood and affordable accommodations add  to Sea Bright’s allure.

BeachWalk  is the spot we chose for our day tripper adventure.  You really can’t beat it for 20 bucks you get beach access, free parking, beach towels, fishing access, clean bathrooms, an outdoor shower, and very cold the tiki bar. And if you’re feeling adventurous you can rent a bicycle for $10. Their Tiki Bar has nice noshes at fair prices and the beach is literally across the street.


For more information about Sea Bright and Highlands NJ- CLICK HERE


JKS 8/23/17

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