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Chinatown Chronicles- Volume 4

“Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters?” -Confucius

Ringing in 2018 on New Years Day with friends and food on a day too cold to do the Coney Island Polar Bear plunge. This year, I brought Chinatown home. We huddled inside and enjoyed good cheer, music and homemade dim sum.

Tiger shrimp.

A lot of prep work done in advance as usual. I cleaned the shrimp, marinated the meat overnight and prepared the homemade dumplings.

Bacon & brie wontons.
Homemade dumplings.
Dry rubbed ribs.
Soup dumplings and steamed pork buns.

Blend your homemade dishes with some pre-made products like steamed pork buns and soup dumplings.

Crystal shrimp dumplings.
Shrimp cooking.
Ribs and Pork Belly slow cooked.
Eddie’s wonderful ginger snap cake.


A happy and prosperous 2018!  Remember, Chinese New Year 2018 is Friday, February 16th, The Year of the Dog.

JKS 1/3/18

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