Top Ten ErinGoScratch Recipes

One of the best parts of the seafaring life around New York City is how it opens access to fresh, local seafood markets and restaurants. As you might expect, most of the recipes I’ve collected in my travels involve seafood, but not all of them.

Another benefit of being a foodie travelling around the five boroughs is discovering ethnic enclaves where spices and aromas from other worlds collide with our welcoming melting pot.


From the jasmine tea and dumpling steam of Flushing to the carnicerias along Roosevelt Avenue further down the 7 train line, from the Caribbean flavors and colors along Flatbush Avenue to the famous “sauce” at Randazzo’s being ladled over a plate of calamari “extra legs”. I get around.

This is a list of the recipes we posted in our first year that you liked the most. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!


10. Northern/Southern Asian Fusion Oven Baked Fried Chicken

fried chicken.jpg

9. Three Clam Recipes- Just For The Shuck of it!


8. Holiday Antipasto


7. Christmas Lasagna


6. Asian Fisherman’s Stew with Blackfish

asian fishermans stew.jpg

5. Mexican Lasagna


4. Pernil Perfection


3. Fresh Fluke Tacos


2. Sixth Street Masala: Shrimp Curry East Village Style


  1. NJ Style Garlic Grabs (pre-cleaned)


JKS 1/13/18

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I am a big man, home cook in a tiny kitchen in NYC. I hook it and cook it, buy it and fry it, and will show you around NYC!

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