ErinGoScratch Recipe- Fresh Fluke Tacos with Pineapple Mango Salsa

I love fish tacos. Two of my favorite things, freshly caught fluke and seasonal summer veggies right off the vine, I combine both in this Cadillac of tacos. Summer fluking is usually a guarantee for a nice day on the ocean. If the wind, tide and water temperature are working in your favor almost everyoneContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- Fresh Fluke Tacos with Pineapple Mango Salsa”

Union Square Greenmarket

Created in 1976 to provide local farmers with a means to sell fresh produce and attract businesses back to the downtown area, Union Square Greenmarket is now at the center of a bustling commercial district. There are plenty of markets for the home cook to choose from in New York City. Few provide city dwellers more options of farmContinue reading “Union Square Greenmarket”

Urban Fishing Spots- Riverside Park South Pier 1

LOCATION:  HUDSON RIVER- Riverside Park South In early spring, millions of striped bass migrate from the Atlantic Ocean up the Hudson River to spawn. The large schools attract crowds of fishermen to the shores of Manhattan. On weekend afternoons, dozens of urban anglers fish along the rail at the edge of the Hudson, hoping toContinue reading “Urban Fishing Spots- Riverside Park South Pier 1”

A Few Short Videos of Downtown NYC

Downtown, New York below 14th Street, is a feast for the eyes and the ears. Here are a few new videos of Manhattan, between the skyscrapers. For more info on the rhinos CLICK HERE                                           Continue reading “A Few Short Videos of Downtown NYC”

ErinGoScratch Recipe- Grilled Striped Bass with Summer Vegetable Salsa

Twice each year, spring and fall, a large body of Striped Bass move into the waters around New York City. They chase giant schools of bunker and herring up the east coast and into the inlets formed by the barrier islands of the New Jersey and New York coastal waterway. Some of the best StriperContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- Grilled Striped Bass with Summer Vegetable Salsa”

Fishing the Battery NYC

LOCATION: Sea walls behind Battery Gardens. Fishing the Battery will cost you a few rigs during the day, but there is a good chance of catching a fish with the world most famous skyline surrounding you.  Stripers are the target here   AVAILABLE FACILITIES: Some of the best public facilities down at Battery Park nextContinue reading “Fishing the Battery NYC”

Bowie at Broadway-Lafayette

David Bowie has always held a special place in my heart. As a kid with a transistor radio tuned to WABC 77 AM glued to his ear, the opening drums of “Space Oddity” were an entree into a new world. The story telling of that song is so good. The jangly guitar riff of “Rebel,Continue reading “Bowie at Broadway-Lafayette”

First Fish of 2018

Saturday was a beautiful if fleeting  glimpse of spring in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Early in the day, winds were gentle and the sun was strong. There were loads of folks out and about enjoying the sea breeze as New York Harbor shimmered and the water looked clean. The spot I was on was sandy bottomedContinue reading “First Fish of 2018”

Bahamian Style Conch and Shrimp Fritters

Conch fritters are like Caribbean hush puppies stuffed with sweet, tender conch meat. Conch is “the” food of The Bahamas. Conch meat can be eaten many different ways: raw in salads, deep-fried as fritters, in chowders and gumbos, and even in burgers. The humble conch fritter elevates the meat into an irresistible treat, crunchy onContinue reading “Bahamian Style Conch and Shrimp Fritters”