Fishing the Battery NYC

LOCATION: Sea walls behind Battery Gardens. Fishing the Battery will cost you a few rigs during the day, but there is a good chance of catching a fish with the world most famous skyline surrounding you.  Stripers are the target here


AVAILABLE FACILITIES: Some of the best public facilities down at Battery Park next to Battery gardens. Refreshment, new facilities, clean bathrooms at Christopher Street Pier.

BEST TIME AND TIDE: An hour either side of high tide. Lots of old piers and hidden debris. Bring plenty of rigs. Great spring and fall striper spot. Great Blackfishing along the pilings in November. No giant fish, but good action.


SIGHTS- World Financial Center, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry and New York Harbor.


FISH: Spring- Striped bass, Flounder Summer- Fluke, Bluefish Fall- Blackfish, Striped Bass and Bluefish Winter-Nada

RATING: >)))>>)))> >)))> 3 OF 4





Published by eringoscratch

I am a big man, home cook in a tiny kitchen in NYC. I hook it and cook it, buy it and fry it, and will show you around NYC!

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