Low and Slow Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a method that sticks to a closely held philosophy of mine that applies to all kinds of cooking- low and slow.

The concept is to cook the food in a plastic bag immersed in hot water, bringing the temperature of whatever you are cooking to gradual perfection, while locking in all the flavor and moisture. With meat especially, sous vide delivers a perfect evenly cooked product. By searing at the end of the process, the meat is as good as any steakhouse.

The cuts of meat you use determines cooking times and temperatures. Many of the recipes you will find online provide cooking temperatures and times (they vary drastically, steak took only 3 hours while duck confit took 12), including smart finishing tips that assure the best results.

Anova sousvide

There are many fine products out there, including tanks with a built in cooker. Some of the reasons we chose the Anova model are it’s convenient size and simplicity, the easy to use app, the community of support and the perfectly timed recipes on their site. Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi, $159. Connect the device to your Android or iOS mobile phone, and cook from anywhere. 900 Watts. Serves 10-12 people. It attaches to any pot with a sturdy clamp, a little bit like an outboard motor.



So far I have cooked steak, pork loin wrapped in bacon, duck leg confit, fried chicken and thick pork chops. The results, when following the recipes and directions to the letter, were stunning perfection. All the moisture and tenderness remain in the meat as does the flavor. I am sold.

Another huge plus to sous vide cooking that deserves to be mentioned is the ease of clean up. The pot gets a quick scrub and the precision cooker wipes down and stores handily.


“Sous” are you ready to try sous vide?

JKS 2/20/18

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