Five recipes for the seafood lovers- Clams, Crabs and lobster!

If you love seafood the way I do, you are constantly seeking out recipes for spectacular regional clam, crab and lobster dishes. Here are a few gems I have picked up along the way.


A lifetime of fishing and the recipes collected along the way


NJ Style Garlic Crabs

“So if anybody wants to get me something, get me 60 crabs – one for each year. I don’t want no diamonds, I don’t want no shoes, I don’t want no party. I want some crabs.”

Clams Three Ways

“Clam chowder is one of those subjects, like politics or religion, that can never be discussed lightly. Bring it up even incidentally, and all the innumerable factions of the clam bake regions raise their heads and begin to yammer. ”
— Louis Pullig De Gouy


Brown Butter Lobster Fettuccine

“There must be hundreds of unsung heroes and heroines who first tasted strange things growing – and think of the man who first ate a lobster. This staggers the imagination. I salute him every time I take my nutcracker in hand and move the melted-butter pipkin closer.” -Gladys Taber

JKS 5/30/18


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