The Pizza Pedigree of a Native New Yorker

In New York City, we are spoiled in our choice of world class food. With all the choice that surrounds us, pizza remains the one thing every New York foodie is an authority on. As a kid growing up in Flatbush, the Brooklyn of the early 70’s spoke to me through my nose and myContinue reading “The Pizza Pedigree of a Native New Yorker”

ErinGoScratch Recipe- Northern Southern Asian Fusion Oven Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is loved and well respected across the USA and around the world. Korean’s have a double fry method that makes for great crunch and wild flavor. Japanese Tokyo fried chicken uses smaller pieces and their brining method adds a sweet soy flavor to the lightly coated, nearly translucent skin. My travels bring meContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- Northern Southern Asian Fusion Oven Fried Chicken”

Fire Island Beaches To Reopen After Sharks Caught Nearby

  UPDATE- Beaches To Reopen After Sharks Caught FIRE ISLAND IS SHARK TOWN USA  A Primer Track all tagged sharks at    htp:// Two people injured in shark attacks along New York coast     NY, NJ & CT Party Boat Reports 

Fire Island, Shark Town USA, A Primer

  Fire Island, the 31 mile long barrier island that sits a ferry ride away across the Great South Bay from Suffolk County’s south shore, is a lot of things to a lot of people. It is a laid back collection of small, quirky towns connected by miles of beach filled with people who love of natureContinue reading “Fire Island, Shark Town USA, A Primer”

Three recipes for the Fishermen! Striped Bass, Fluke and Bluefish

Fishing season is well underway and by the pics I’ve seen, plenty of folks are going  home with Ziplocks full of fillets. Here are a few seasonal recipes that will add some nice to the spice!   Striped Bass with Summer Salsa Fresh Fluke Tacos with Pineapple Mango Salsa Bluefish Ceviche  JKS 5/9/18

New York, Connecticut And New Jersey State Saltwater Fishing Records

  New York State Marine Fishing Records Marine Fish Records As of May 6, 2015 Species Weight (Lbs) Angler Date Albacore (False) 16.38 John Skinner, Wading River, NY 10/18/2009 Albacore (Longfin) 81.15 Billy Turnbull, Key Colony Beach, FL 10/08/2011 Atlantic Bonito 12.49 Angelo Peluso, Port Jefferson, NY 10/17/2003 Black Sea Bass 9.00 Sal Vicari, Bronx,Continue reading “New York, Connecticut And New Jersey State Saltwater Fishing Records”

Flower Power! Three Great Zucchini Blossom Recipes

Ah, the good old summertime. Fruity-juicy cocktails, farm fresh produce and eating fancy flowers. I’ve gathered together 3 fun recipes for one of the most popular blooms out there: zucchini blossoms. Your local farmers’ market has them in stock for the next few weeks and they are worth the trip. You can just stuff themContinue reading “Flower Power! Three Great Zucchini Blossom Recipes”

The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 3

Chapter 3 Just Down The Road If you asked most people who worked at AFF (Allied Fragrance and Flavor) what went on in the basement of section two, they would probably say something about a classified research grant. A small number would say “top secret” and a select few would simply ask for your identificationContinue reading “The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 3”

The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 2

Chapter 2 The Ghosts You Know Coming down Main Street in Keyport, old homes of noble pedigree stand alongside more modest recently renovated two-family dwellings. Evening lights begin to come on and glow, creating safe pockets of light on the porches and within the houses. It is a charming place. The trees are old, thickContinue reading “The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 2”

UPDATED- New York City Through Native Eyes

“…as I walk those familiarly choked streets at dusk and see the old women sitting in front of the tenements, past and present become each other’s faces; I am back where I began.” “A Walker In The City” Alfred Kazin, 1978 I have left my shoe leather over thousands of miles of city streets throughout the five boroughs inContinue reading “UPDATED- New York City Through Native Eyes”