The Last Fishing Trip

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions of hope.”    John Buchan Fishing is an imperfect art form. Tides can be predicted years in advance, but they are not perfect.  Just as often, the weather is imperfect at sea and you learn... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Bridge Park- Up From Waterfront’s Ashes

A once rundown section of Brooklyn's storied waterfront with dilapidated piers and empty lots has been transformed into one of New York City's most interesting parks. Brooklyn Bridge Park includes a manmade green belt, saltwater marshlands, state of the art public sports facilities, several great dining options, a pool, a picnic section with grills for use and... Continue Reading →

Sunrise, Sunset

Here is a compilation of sunrise and sunset photos I have taken around New York City over the past few years.  Enjoy!     ALL PHOTOS ARE PROPERTY OF ERINGOSCRATCH.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.    

Fishing in NYC- Party Boats

  “If you wish happiness for an hour, get intoxicated.  If you wish happiness for 3 days, get married.  If you wish happiness for 8 days, kill a pig and eat it.  If you wish happiness forever, then learn to fish...” –Unknown “Truth is stranger than fishin’ ” Jimmy Buffett When you think of New... Continue Reading →

So This is Your Ocean

While Grandma sparked my love of cooking, Grandpa Willie Duffy lead me to my another great passion- the ocean. I saw Brighton Beach for the first time on a gray early spring Saturday. Grandpa picked me up and we walked the few blocks to the subway through the waking neighborhood. The B train runs above... Continue Reading →

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