UPDATED- New Jersey Party Boats Fishing. May 15th Starts Sea Bass Season, Friday May 22nd Kicks Off Fluke Season!

NEW JERSEY PARTY BOATS     PARTY BOAT LISTINGS AND Updated REPORTS (with links) with useful TIPS AND GENERAL RULES (scroll past listings)! IF YOU KNOW A PARTY BOAT THAT I AM MISSING, PLEASE FORWARD A LINK AND I WILL CREATE A LISTING eringoscratch@gmail.com A lifetime of fishing around NYC and the amazing recipes I’veContinue reading “UPDATED- New Jersey Party Boats Fishing. May 15th Starts Sea Bass Season, Friday May 22nd Kicks Off Fluke Season!”

NJ Saltwater Bait & Tackle Shops

NEW JERSEY BAIT & TACKLE SHOPS   Monmouth County Arjay Sportsmen Shop: 54-1 Street Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ Atlantic Highlands Bait Tackle & Boats: 2 Simon Lake Drive, Atlantic Highlands, NJ Brielle Bait & Tackle Shop: 800 Ashley Avenue, Brielle, NJ Capt Bills Bait And Tackle: Highway No South And South C # 35, Neptune,Continue reading “NJ Saltwater Bait & Tackle Shops”

The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 3

Chapter 3 Just Down The Road If you asked most people who worked at AFF (Allied Fragrance and Flavor) what went on in the basement of section two, they would probably say something about a classified research grant. A small number would say “top secret” and a select few would simply ask for your identificationContinue reading “The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 3”

The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 2

Chapter 2 The Ghosts You Know Coming down Main Street in Keyport, old homes of noble pedigree stand alongside more modest recently renovated two-family dwellings. Evening lights begin to come on and glow, creating safe pockets of light on the porches and within the houses. It is a charming place. The trees are old, thickContinue reading “The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 2”

Bradley Beach is The Jersey Shore, Hold The Glitter

The sun, surf and sand are very enticing down the Jersey Shore almost any day or season of the year.  During the summer, people flock to party towns like Belmar, Manasquan and Point Pleasant. Waterfront bars and restaurants are jammed each weekend with young people from New York and North Jersey partying like there isContinue reading “Bradley Beach is The Jersey Shore, Hold The Glitter”

The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 1

“The Ghosts of Magic Beach” by Jim Shaffer “The Ghosts of Magic Beach” is a work of fiction. ALL CHARACTERS AND REFERENCES TO ALL FACTS ARE A PRODUCT OF THE AUTHOR’S IMAGINATION. All rights reserved WINK AND NOD PRODUCTIONS 2017.  Prologue- The Summer Before Tom’s daily observations, on strolls during writing breaks along the small beach behindContinue reading “The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 1”

Five Fabulous Cocktails to Kiss Summer Hello

This long Independence Day weekend is the official start of summer for many people. Cocktails, anyone??? COCKTAILS 4 O’clock Fresh Vodka Gimlets- Mystic Island, NJ The day is winding to a close and it is still a couple of hours until dinnertime. Beer isn’t doing the trick. It is time for something smooth, strong and refreshing.Continue reading “Five Fabulous Cocktails to Kiss Summer Hello”

Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays

Triggerfish are a funny looking, fun to catch summer species in the New York/NJ bite. They usually swim up in the gulfstream as the waters warm and show up on the reefs in mid-July while party boats are targeting sea bass and porgies. The Ocean Eagle out of Sheepshead Bay is a great party boatContinue reading “Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays”

Sea Bright, NJ- The Ocean Close to the City

With the wild Atlantic on one side and the fast moving tidal Shrewsbury River on the other, Sea Bright, NJ is a thin ribbon of land that is very close to the water in every way. A regular full moon high tide will generally result in ankle deep flooding on many river side streets. ButContinue reading “Sea Bright, NJ- The Ocean Close to the City”