Rumors of Herring: A Fisherman’s Long Winter

Excerpts from my new book “Hook It & Cook It: Fishing Dishing and Reminiscing. With more than 50 recipes!” on Amazon ! CLICK TO BUY The winter of a fisherman is long and full of surreal, haunting dreams. They are dreams of mighty fish and hearty fights under the sun. Some of them we win, someContinue reading “Rumors of Herring: A Fisherman’s Long Winter”

NYC, Long Island, CT & NJ Area Fishing Report- May 13th

Raritan Bay and the New York Bight have come to life with keeper striped bass, blitzing bluefish and even some decent sized black drum. Manasquan/Point Pleasant inlet has seen some mighty bluefish pushes with fish up to 17 pounds wrassled in. Crabbers have reported early action in South Jersey hotspots.  Schoolie stripers, with a fewContinue reading “NYC, Long Island, CT & NJ Area Fishing Report- May 13th”

Superbowl Antipasto, Staten Island Style

Superbowl Sunday is like a second Thanksgiving for snackers. My name is Jim and I am a confessed snacker. I always enjoy the appetizer round of any meal.   I am usually charged with the appetizers for big gatherings. I make a cheese/antipasto platter that mixes fun with flavor and really gets the tastebuds going.Continue reading “Superbowl Antipasto, Staten Island Style”

I Started Cookin’ in Brooklyn

  An except from HOOK IT & COOK IT available on Amazon. A New York Foodie’s Bonafides and Particulars Hi, I’m Jim. I am a big man, recreational fisherman, home cook in a tiny kitchen in my native New York. I hook it and cook it, buy it and fry it and I know myContinue reading “I Started Cookin’ in Brooklyn”

Fishing, Creative Loitering in Beautiful Places

“Catching fish is secondary to the immeasurable joys of the watery world.” ― Fennel Hudson, Traditional Angling One of the many pleasures of fishing is that it often surprises us with incredible vistas and moments where nature sings. I often describe fishing as “creative loitering” and these photos will give you a small glimpse intoContinue reading “Fishing, Creative Loitering in Beautiful Places”

New York, Connecticut And New Jersey State Saltwater Fishing Records

  New York State Marine Fishing Records Marine Fish Records As of May 6, 2015 Species Weight (Lbs) Angler Date Albacore (False) 16.38 John Skinner, Wading River, NY 10/18/2009 Albacore (Longfin) 81.15 Billy Turnbull, Key Colony Beach, FL 10/08/2011 Atlantic Bonito 12.49 Angelo Peluso, Port Jefferson, NY 10/17/2003 Black Sea Bass 9.00 Sal Vicari, Bronx,Continue reading “New York, Connecticut And New Jersey State Saltwater Fishing Records”

Flower Power! Three Great Zucchini Blossom Recipes

Ah, the good old summertime. Fruity-juicy cocktails, farm fresh produce and eating fancy flowers. I’ve gathered together 3 fun recipes for one of the most popular blooms out there: zucchini blossoms. Your local farmers’ market has them in stock for the next few weeks and they are worth the trip. You can just stuff themContinue reading “Flower Power! Three Great Zucchini Blossom Recipes”