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Union Square Greenmarket

Created in 1976¬†to provide local farmers with a means to sell fresh produce and attract businesses back to the downtown area, Union Square Greenmarket is now at the center of a bustling commercial district. There are plenty of markets¬†for the home cook to choose from¬†in New York City.¬†Few provide city dwellers more options of farm… Continue reading Union Square Greenmarket

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A Few Short Videos of Downtown NYC

Downtown, New York below 14th Street, is a feast for the eyes and the ears. Here are a few new videos of Manhattan, between the skyscrapers. For more info on the rhinos CLICK HERE¬†                                          … Continue reading A Few Short Videos of Downtown NYC

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A Night at Pardon My French, East Village NYC

A fantastic birthday night for Kelly at Pardon My French in the East Village this past Saturday night.¬† PMF is a contemporary version of the bistro-style restaurant with a hip East Village spice. The food was exquisite, the service prompt and charming and the atmosphere was enchanting.¬† We ate in the garden, because it still… Continue reading A Night at Pardon My French, East Village NYC

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The Chinatown Chronicles- Volume One

I love Chinatown in NYC.¬† All three of them- Sunset Park in Brooklyn, Flushing in Queens and the original in downtown Manhattan. I hope this series provides you with some tips that will help you discover some true culinary treasures of your own in your Chinatown. My high school friends and I started coming into… Continue reading The Chinatown Chronicles- Volume One

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The East Village That Remains

The East Village of my romantic youth when I moved to 7th Street in 1986- beat characters writing¬†in tattered notebooks in sad caf√©s,¬† punk rockers jamming to reggae with Rastafarians¬†in grungy Tompkins Square Park, worn out¬†tenement buildings teaming with ethnic food smells, and true rebels on St Mark‚Äôs Place is nearly gone. All gone but… Continue reading The East Village That Remains