The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 1

“The Ghosts of Magic Beach” by Jim Shaffer “The Ghosts of Magic Beach” is a work of fiction. ALL CHARACTERS AND REFERENCES TO ALL FACTS ARE A PRODUCT OF THE AUTHOR’S IMAGINATION. All rights reserved WINK AND NOD PRODUCTIONS 2017.  Prologue- The Summer Before Tom’s daily observations, on strolls during writing breaks along the small beach behindContinue reading “The Ghost of Magic Beach- Excerpt 1”

The Ghosts of Magic Beach- Excerpt 4

Chapter Four “California Screaming” It is the beginning of a glorious Keyport spring evening. The sun descends over a glassy calm RaritanBay. Along the waterfront walk people stroll in the warm glow. A ragged daisy chain of fishing boats chugs along the channel in the direction of the marina. The harbor looks clean today, fishContinue reading “The Ghosts of Magic Beach- Excerpt 4”