“Hook It & Cook It” Fishing, Dishing and Reminiscing with an Urban Angler- eBook coming November 21st!

ErinGoScratch@gmail.com ‘Call me Jim. This is the story of my particular corner of the sea- the ocean around New York City. I am a big man, home cook and fisherman in a tiny kitchen in NYC. I hook it and cook it, buy it and fry it, and will show you around NYC. New YorkContinue reading ““Hook It & Cook It” Fishing, Dishing and Reminiscing with an Urban Angler- eBook coming November 21st!”

Sights and Sounds of San Gennaro

The weather has been just fine and the Feast of San Gennaro 2017 wraps up this weekend. You still have a chance to come down this weekend. Here are a few fun vids and pics of the spectacle that is the Feast of San Gennaro on Mulberry Street in Little Italy in New York CityContinue reading “Sights and Sounds of San Gennaro”

Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays

Triggerfish are a funny looking, fun to catch summer species in the New York/NJ bite. They usually swim up in the gulfstream as the waters warm and show up on the reefs in mid-July while party boats are targeting sea bass and porgies. The Ocean Eagle out of Sheepshead Bay is a great party boatContinue reading “Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays”

Recipe Contest- Seafood

Submit your favorite seafood recipe in the comments section below. Winners will be published in our upcoming e-book! Anything to do with regional seafood in the New York, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic and New England areas will be considered and fully credited. These recipes can be old style, Nouveau, fusion, Asian, Italian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, HaitianContinue reading “Recipe Contest- Seafood”

A Most Bizarre Lunch at Felix

Felix is the kind of old school New York place that we need to survive. The unpretentious cuisine is very high quality and the casual atmosphere is inviting. It just feels good. I found myself here again this past Monday afternoon. Many European ex-pats like this place and this afternoon I heard French, German and ItalianContinue reading “A Most Bizarre Lunch at Felix”