Chinatown Chronicles-Volume Two

“Chinese food tries to engage the mind, not just the palate. To provoke the intellect.”  Nicole Mones If I said “who wants to drink tea and eat chicken feet, shrimp, sticky rice and dumplings for brunch”, I might not get many takers. If I say who wants “dim sum” it is pretty easy to gatherContinue reading “Chinatown Chronicles-Volume Two”

Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays

Triggerfish are a funny looking, fun to catch summer species in the New York/NJ bite. They usually swim up in the gulfstream as the waters warm and show up on the reefs in mid-July while party boats are targeting sea bass and porgies. The Ocean Eagle out of Sheepshead Bay is a great party boatContinue reading “Spearfishing for Triggerfish in Hampton Bays”

Recipe Contest- Seafood

Submit your favorite seafood recipe in the comments section below. Winners will be published in our upcoming e-book! Anything to do with regional seafood in the New York, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic and New England areas will be considered and fully credited. These recipes can be old style, Nouveau, fusion, Asian, Italian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, HaitianContinue reading “Recipe Contest- Seafood”

ErinGoScratch Recipe- Bluefish Ceviche

The gangsters of local saltwater fish, bluefish are a dangerous mob to any baitfish they come across. I have seen voracious blues feed on schools of bunker for days in the same location, an oily smell hanging in the air. Watch your fingers when handling! Bluefish blitz the entire area on a relentless mission to seekContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- Bluefish Ceviche”

ErinGoScratch Recipe- NJ Style Garlic Crabs

Some people like the schmutz, some do not. I do love a big table of fresh #1 Cheasepeake Jimmy Blue Crabs steamed in Old Bay Seasoning and beer, butter on the side. The tradition of negotiating through the crab guts to locate the different compartments of a crab to find a sweet morsel of meat isContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- NJ Style Garlic Crabs”