I am a big man, home cook in a tiny kitchen in NYC. I hook it and cook it, buy it and fry it, and will show you around NYC. ErinGoScratch is about the journey to delicious, restaurant quality food that you can make in your own kitchen.

New York City is my home. I am a native. The energy is in my blood, the excitement is always there and all the vibrant flavors that make up this insane melting pot of a city are in my DNA. My goal is to take my years of New York experience and adventure and put it on a plate.  Lots of plates.

My love of food has driven me to explore all corners of this grown-up playground. I want to share with you some of the hidden gems I have discovered in my travels through the neighborhoods of the five boroughs and areas surrounding NYC. The city is our oyster. Let’s take a Metrocard voyage of discovery!

We will take the N train to Astoria for Greek specialties and fresh seafood markets, the exotic perfumed curries found in Jackson Heights in Queens, the secret favorites in all three Chinatowns (BK, Manhattan and Queens), the fish hawkers in Sheepshead Bay and the Irish delicacies and delights of Woodside Queens, the 7 train through South and Central American enclaves, rich with spirit and flavor.

We will search for the authentic Dominican food and life of Washington Heights, take a trip deep into genuine Staten Island Italian pork store Abundanza and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee at 6 a.m. before boarding the Ocean Eagle for a day of fishing out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, ending the day with a seafood feast at Randazzo’s. Come see and taste New York like a New Yorker!

Food is but a prop, people are hungry to BOND!

Native New Yorker Jim Shaffer is our host. You will see Jim catch a striped bass out of Sheepshead Bay, haggle with vendors in Chinatown (in Mandarin) and make wild cocktails on a midtown rooftop. Jim wrote the treatment and served as host for “ADVENTURES OF THE URBAN ANGLER” (produced by Australia’s Handmade Productions) which was a finalist in 2008’s Discovery Channel’s “Ignite Australia ” competition as “Fish and Trips”.  James co-wrote and co-starred in Benchmark Film’s 2007’s short film “Banged Up” which was featured in Anthology Film Archives New FilmMakers series. James had a bit part in Martin Scorcese’s 2008 Rolling Stones documentary “Shine a Light”. James has been writing for most of his life and his work has been published in The Fire Island Tide, The Irish Emigrant, Shore11.org and has created content for various other websites.

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