The Gentlemen of the Todt Hill Rod & Reel Fishing Club

“There comes a time in every man’s life when he is either going to fish Or do something far worse.”    When A Lady Undresses- Havilah Babcock THE GENTLEMEN OF THE TODT HILL ROD AND REEL FISHING CLUB Excerpt from “Hook It & Cook It- Fishing, Dishing and Reminiscing with an Urban Angler” CLICK HERE TOContinue reading “The Gentlemen of the Todt Hill Rod & Reel Fishing Club”

Fishing With My Brothers

Excerpts from “Hungry man. Tiny kitchen. Big city.”  by James K. Shaffer. ©2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED “Angling is somewhat like poetry, men are to be born so…” Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler (1653) The fickle nature of the the sea has brought surprising joy and tangible fear into my life down through my fishing years. LikeContinue reading “Fishing With My Brothers”

ErinGoScratch Recipe- Five Spice Green Tea Chicken

Love good BBQ chicken and want to add a little exotic flavor? Want yardbird you can be proud of and impress your family and friends? Live in the city and can’t grill like you want to but still want that summer flavor? This simple recipe will help you achieve that great BBQ grilled  flavor without theContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- Five Spice Green Tea Chicken”

ErinGoScratch Recipe- Bluefish Ceviche

The gangsters of local saltwater fish, bluefish are a dangerous mob to any baitfish they come across. I have seen voracious blues feed on schools of bunker for days in the same location, an oily smell hanging in the air. Watch your fingers when handling! Bluefish blitz the entire area on a relentless mission to seekContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- Bluefish Ceviche”

ErinGoScratch Recipe- NJ Style Garlic Crabs

Some people like the schmutz, some do not. I do love a big table of fresh #1 Cheasepeake Jimmy Blue Crabs steamed in Old Bay Seasoning and beer, butter on the side. The tradition of negotiating through the crab guts to locate the different compartments of a crab to find a sweet morsel of meat isContinue reading “ErinGoScratch Recipe- NJ Style Garlic Crabs”